Spectator Guidelines

UHS continues its commitment to RESPECT, UNITY, INTEGRITY and PRIDE through good sportsmanship and a safe campus environment.

As you attend events at UHS, please keep the following in mind:

Plan Ahead!

Parents, students, or any organization wishing to hold ‘tailgating” activities on our camps prior to a stadium event must have written or electronic permission from the school administration at least 48 hours in advance.  An area on our paved parking lot will be assigned, if approved.  Contact athletic director Ryan Hines at ryan.hines@fcps.org to request permission.
No grills or cooking devices are permitted.
No alcohol, tobacco, or e-cigarette of any kind are allowed on our campus.  Anyone under the influence of drugs, or alcohol to any degree will be dealt with in accordance with UHS/FCPS policies and local and state laws.

Food and beverages may not be brought into our stadium, gym, and auditorium.

Fans are encouraged to not bring backpacks and large bags into our events, and may be asked to leave these items at the gate for pick up following the event.  Bags may also be subject to search.

Parking Information for Stadium Events
Parking on the grass area near the stadium entrance are reserved through special paid permits only or reserved for Booster members volunteering at the event.
o   Parking in the small gravel near the tennis courts is reserved for school and game officials.
o   Public parking is available on marked and paved areas.
o   Parking is prohibited on sidewalks and grass other than those areas specified above.
o   Parking is prohibited in marked Fire Lanes and may result in fines and towing of the vehicle

Be a Great Fan!!
– Good sportsmanship is positive encouragement for all athletes, performers, and officials.  Unsportsmanlike conduct such as cheering against opponents or officials, foul language, booing, or taunting, etc., may result in removal from our stadium.
– Running and ball playing are not allowed on our concourse or in our stands.

Once in a school event, no readmission is allowed.  Bring wallets, purses, and jackets, etc. with you when you arrive.  Loitering in parking lots during stadium events is prohibited.